Sunday, 3 February 2013

Super Caesar!

Caesars are peculiar
It's the cocktail that drinks like a meal

I almost never order them in a bar or restaurant unless it's the house specialty because face it, there is nothing better than a good caesar yet there is nothing worse than a bad caesar. Too much or too little of one of the 10 or more ingredients can put your tastebuds into a tailspin. Yes, 10 or more ingredients. I am making a simple everyday caesar and you can see 7 ingredients yet we are still missing ice, vodka and Clamato

You might be wondering why for 2 glasses there are 4 slices of lemon. The 2 thin ones are for garnish, the 2 thicker ones are to prepare your glass for rimming. For best results, turn hold the glass upside down. Put the thick lemon slice on the rim of the glass, squeeze it gently and rub it around the entire rim. Dip it into your bed of celery salt and work it around. Squeeze the remaining lemon juice into the glass, remove pits with a long stemmed spoon. 


Rimming is a sensitive subject. Some people hate it, some people love it. It can also be an acquired taste. Some people prefer their rimming to be neatly done at the very edge whereas others like their rimming to spill away from the edge inside and out! Most people will take rimming however most will never do it themselves.

If you are of delicate nature or anywhere between disgusted and laughing your ass off right now keep reading. The rest of you, get a dictionary.


Poor celery, so over hated and under appreciated. Its not hard to give it a little wow factor!

I thought I was not a fan of the celery in my Caesar once, then I tried it without and it was merely a Vodka Clamato. For best results, put a few fresh slices into the bottom of your celery stick just before you put it in the drink, the fresh raw flesh will infuse the whole drink with celery flavour much faster.  

Imagine yourself, its toward the end of the month and all your celery leaves are wilted, no more delicate leafy flair on your cocktail. Well take your sharpest knife and try to make little celery juliennes on the first 2 or 3 cm of your celery stick. You will see how easy it is, I was a bit tipsy Saturday night when I sliced these up! Pretty shabby job! 

Throw your celery into an ice bath and stick in the fridge for at least a few hours or overnight, check it, you will see how fast they turn if you are in a hurry. The smaller you slice it, the more curling and the more curls you will have!

Voila! I think we can say this is the first time that drinking and decorating turned out well!

If you absolutely hate celery or want to step it up a bit, use the short glass and replace the celery with a stick of fake crab! Or even better a lobster claw or tail! 

The next step is to throw some vodka on that fire! Please note, no ice yet! 

This is the most personal part of your Caesar journey, this is where you put a few drops of a whole bunch of things to make it completely your own.

Today's recipe calls for celery salt on the rim, a few or more drops of Tabasco, fresh ground pepper, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of horseradish. If you do not have the latter, try a small smudge of wasabi for the same effect.

I have tasted recipes where people put A1 Sauce. Some bartenders add a secret bbq sauce or aromatics to their Clamato and let it steep for days or weeks. Those are all lovely ideas as long as you own your crazy and its drinkable, its the best drink on the planet!

Fill your glass with Clamato up halfway and stop. Take a spoon and mix it up, make sure you break up and incorporate the horseradish or wasabi so you taste it instead of having a sludge at the bottom of your drink.

I added 8 ice cubes and topped the glasses off with Clamato, add garnishes and mmmmmmmmmmm

You may be wondering why I have mixed this glorious Caesar in 2 completely different glasses. Which do you like best and why? Does one look bigger than the other? Yes? Well you are wrong, both glasses hold the same amount of sweet nectar!

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